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TCS Fresh is a global company dedicated to providing a professional grade dental cleanser for all types of removable appliances while promoting good dental health habits.

  • Since 2000 founded in CA, USA
  • The “Go To” Cleaner for removable appliances

Our Story

A TCS, Inc. company.
Originally TCS Fresh was developed to solve the problem of hard-to-clean thermoplastic removable partials that became popular in the 90’s. Patients that were prescribed thermoplastic removable dentures loved the fit and function of their appliances, but were frustrated with the results from cleansers that were available at the time.

As one of the leading manufacturers of dental thermoplastic materials, TCS, Inc. was strongly motivated to develop an effective cleaning solution like no other on the market.

Our Success.
TCS Concentrated Dental Appliance Cleaner became the “go to” cleaner for patients that use thermoplastic based appliances. As sales and popularity grew, it was discovered that this cleaner worked wonders on all types of appliances, such as traditional dentures, nightguards, sportsguards, snoreguards, aligners, and retainers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I place an order?

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      Over the phone: (866) 426-2970

    • How can I get samples?

      Click here to purchase samples at a discounted price.

    • What is the TCS Fresh affiliate program?

      The TCS Fresh affiliate program assigns a unique promo code for you to share with your patients. Your patients can use it to get a free TCS Fresh Dental Appliance Brush and your office will get 10% commission of each sale. Patients can re-use the code with each re-order. As an affiliate you will receive an initial free box of samples with your coupon code to share with your patients. Additional samples can be placed through our shop.

    • Is there a cost to join the affiliate program?

      It is free to join the affiliate program. Click here to join

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