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For an easy and effective at-home dental appliance maintenance.
Cleans virtually all types of removable dental appliances.

"My favorite cleaner out of everything else on the market. Tried them all and this is straight up THE BEST!."

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For Good Oral Health

  • Safe and concentrated solution for quick and effective results.

  • Non-chlorinated solution (which means, it won't discolor, damage, or have unpleasant taste and odor).

  • Removes stains that brushing alone can leave behind. E.g. Stains caused by tobacco, coffee, tea, blueberries, curry, etc.

  • Removes iron stains as well as plaque, tartar, calcium, and calculus.

  • Rinses well.

  • Excellent for a variety of dental appliances.

We recommend to use with the TCS Dental Appliance Brush; it's soft bristles brush without scratching the surface of your appliance.

The Most Effective Method To Keeping Dental Appliances Clean:

The Soak Method

A soaking solution is the most effective method to keeping dental appliances clean without damaging them. Many patients use a toothbrush and toothpaste; however, these can damage or scratch the surface of the appliance. A non-chlorinated, non-abrasive cleaner such as the TCS Dental Appliance Cleaner and a soft-bristle brush will keep appliances looking and feeling like new.

About TCS Fresh

TCS Fresh is a global company dedicated to providing a professional grade dental appliance cleaner for all types of removable dental appliances while promoting good dental health habits.

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About TCS

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